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Merrillville health club and weight loss

Helping you define your goals and then achieve results is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our Merrillville fitness center is locally owned and operated and has been serving the NW Indiana community for over 35 years. We’ve assisted thousands of clients reach their weight loss goals and improve their fitness levels. BodyMax Fitness continues to combine the latest research, training techniques and continuing education to offer the most result-producing programs, equipment and products to help our clients achieve MAXimum results in Minimum time!

At BodyMax Fitness we truly care about helping you achieve your personal goals. That’s why at BodyMax Fitness every membership program includes a Visual Fitness Plan Assessment. Visual Fitness Planner is a cutting-edge technology that provides you with the education, motivation, and support needed to achieve your goals. We will calculate your likelihood of getting diabetes, heart disease, having a stroke or getting cancer. We will then calculate your HEALTH AGE – which basically means how old you are on the “inside of your body”. In addition, we will show you all of the positive changes you can achieve in your body, but the best part is that we will then calculate exactly how many weeks it will take you to achieve your fitness goals.

By actually seeing your health risk, HEALTH AGE, along with your body now and seeing what you can potentially look like along with the program solution we give you; you can begin achieving results today! As part of your success plan, we provide professional fitness training, group exercise classes, an individual Body Transformation Plan, and a caring support structure.

Our 25,000 + square feet facility features:

  • Cardio Theater Center
  • Separate Free-Weight Room
  • Selectorized Equipment Center
  • Functional Training Rooms
  • Personal Training Center
  • Group Fitness Room
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Full Locker Room Facilities
  • Supervised Kids Playroom