Are You Ready to Lose Between 10 and 50 pounds (or more)?

Look at the results that our members have achieved!

6 week results *:  Cassandra lost 14.6 lbs,  Jaime lost 12.6 lbs,  Shelonda lost 12.4 lbs

12 week results *:  Cassandra lost 26 lbs,  Linda lost 18.2 lbs,  Jaime lost 17 lbs

18 week results *:  Cassandra lost 41.4 lbs, Linda lost 22.4 lbs,  Adrienne lost 19.2 lbs

24 week results *:  Cassandra lost 48.6 lbs, Jessica lost 24.2 lbs,  Jonny lost 19lbs

36 week results *:  Cassandra lost 60.8 lbs, Jessica lost 29.2 lbs,  Linda lost 22.4lbs

If you are ready to lose between 10 and 50 pounds the BodyMax Fitness 36 Week Weight Loss Coaching Program can help!  

This is an innovative program of exercise and nutrition with guidance from a personal weight loss coach.  Participants must be able to attend three 30 to 40 minute sessions per week and be accountable to a personal weight loss coach.  There are no supplements to take or special foods to purchase.  This is a healthy lifestyle change and family-friendly nutrition program. 

The testing results from this study will provide us with valuable fitness data to be used in future exercise and nutrition planning.

The Program Includes:

    • Initial consultation and ongoing coaching from your personal weight loss coach during the initial 36 weeks
    • Healthy nutrition plan
    • Personalized exercise program
    • Weight loss profile and regular weigh-ins recorded in a private journal

Weight Loss Benefits May Include *:

    • Loss of Body Fat
    • Improved Muscle Tone
    • Revitalized Skin Complexion
    • Reduced Cellulite
    • Lowered Blood Pressure
    • Decreased Cholesterol Levels
    • Improved Bone Density
    • Enhanced Overall Health & Fitness

To Qualify:

    • Between 18 and 75 years of age
    • Must have between 10 to 50 pounds or more to lose
    • Not currently exercising on a regular basis
    • Will agree to participate in a 36 week weight reduction testing, 30 to 40 minute sessions three times per week
    • Will meet with a personal weight loss coach at scheduled times
    • Agree to a regular weigh-in and record statistics in a private weight loss journal
    • Agree to follow a sensible nutritional eating plan (no special foods to purchase)


If you are accepted into this program you will NOT be required to pay the $449 start-up fee.  You will only be asked to cover the discounted coaching program and materials fee.  

* Individual results may vary.  Please contact your physician prior to starting a new exercise or nutrition program.

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